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Restoration ..

We are in the business of restoring pianos and we have been restoring pianos since 1974.

  • Partial or complete action restoration.
  • Action Design
  • Sound Board Repair
  • Sound Board Replace
  • Sound Board Design
  • Pin Block Replacement
  • Plate Refinishing
  • Plate Repair
  • Restringing
  • Scale Design
  • Complete Refinishing
  • Restoration of Art Case Woodwork
  • Artistic Performance Needs.


Today, it is still responsible to restore or re-manufacture brands such as Steinway, Steingraeber, Mason & Hamlin and Bosendorfer etc. The cost of these fine instruments new, makes the expense of remanufacturing reasonable.

Much has changed since 1974. Many lesser known brands, brands that were considered either "entry level or "mid level" today can be purchased new for less than the cost of even a partial restoration of these type of antique pianos. Sometimes, far less. In many cases the cost of just refinishing alone exceeds the lower cost "new" entry level pianos.

If it were getting your car repaired or your kitchen remodeled, most of us would have some idea of what comprises responsible work. The aesthetics and functions of these things are common enough and more easily understood. Unfortunately, piano restoration involves things we are far less familiar with and measuring what the outcome will be for any work that is described is difficult if not impossible for the lay person.

Improper choices make any restoration expensive.

Choosing a restoration shop with as many years experience over a broad range of piano designs and results and committed to your success brings reason to any budget.


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