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About Us ..

Edward Buck was a Navy Veteran who graduated with a degree in composition from New England Conservatory and worked in Music Therapy at the VA Hospitals. As a result, everyone in our house played some kind of instrument. Music was part of daily activities at home.

Ed began "Chelmsford Music Center" in April of 1974 in downtown Chelmsford MA where Ed's oldest son Larry, worked part time while attending College. Chelmsford Music Center was a full service store with music lessons, instruments for sale and a repair shop repairing everything from Flutes and guitars to pianos.

Ed's first love was the piano. The first five years in business showed us that piano restoration was where our interest was and where we were focused. In 1979, Chelmsford Music Center moved and became "The Piano Factory". Joined by Ed's sons Andrew full time and Robert part time, Ed then, in the early 1980's, changed the name to it current name, "E. J. Buck & Sons"

Ed was always focused on the "Art" of piano design. Every piano was thoroughly evaluated after any work for it's fine artistic result. Rather than celebrate any successes, Ed was continually striving to improve tonal quality and touch. His ability to listen objectively to his own work was extraordinary. As a result, the understanding of a broad variety of piano tonality and playability was quickly acquired.

Today, E. J. Buck & Sons is joined by Larry's son, Ed's grandson, Brian Buck. We have as our primary business, service to the community that includes common services such as tuning, regulation, voicing and repair. Continuing with Ed's work, we offer complete custom restoration and piano design services.
We have for several years provided piano technical consulting and photography support to a Museum in CA called Period Piano Center. E. J. Buck & Sons is also proud to offer these same Conservation/Preservation Services and Consultation locally.

We believe music is a lifestyle. We supported it broadly with historical study, material and artifacts, in house performances and a complete Service, Restoration, Conservation and Design capability.