Steinway Model S
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This Steinway was in a fire that destroyed the house requring the house to be razed and rebuilt. This Falmouth Maine family had exhausted all their other options and was only hearing that the piano could not be saved. Seeing that the piano had belonged to the mother who was a concert pianist, the family was trying earnestly to save the piano.

On agreeing the to rebuild the piano I knew there would be significant challanges and the time frame to complete the job was left open.

These pages represent a pictoral of some of the challanges we faced and how we problem solved. I wish I could say everything is here in pictures, but at the most crutial times, there was not time to put a camera in hand.

The last page of photo's are from after some of the challanges were met, a little stress relief was in order and I hope they are viewed with the appropriate humor they were intended

No pianos were harmed during filming

Below are the images and a brief comment on each photo where it applies.
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Stress Relief
Completed Piano